Cherie Armour

Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health, Queen’s University Belfast (Co-PI of Mood Movement)

Cherie Armour is a Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health in the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast. Professor Armour is the Director of the QUB Research Centre for Stress Trauma and Related Conditions (STARC). Cherie has published extensively in the field of Psychotraumatology and Mental Health. Cherie has a particular interest in the psychological impact of experiencing adversity and maltreatment in childhood. She has published many studies in this area which focus on the rate of abuse and maltreatment in the population, polyvictimisation, re-victimisation across the life course, and a range of long-term psychological outcomes of maltreatment such as internalising and externalising symptoms and psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Cherie has also published on the efficacy of treatment programmes in incest survivor centres in Denmark. Recently, Cherie has become interested in the role that social media plays on the psychological wellbeing of young people and how we can best utilise technology to enhance the support that is provided to young people experiencing psychological distress. Cherie is past President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society, a current member of the board of directors for the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, and an Associate Editor of the European Journal of Psychotraumatology. Current funded programmes of research include a FiMT funded investigation of the psychological well-being of veteran families in the UK, a UKRI funded longitudinal study of biological, psychological, and social predictors of PTSD in response to Armed Conflict in Colombia, and this ESRC funded project called Mood Movement, exploring new and emerging technologies for improving young people’s mental health. Twitter: @ProfArmour   

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