Amanda Fitzgerald

Associate Professor in Youth Mental Health, University College Dublin (Co-PI of Mood Movement)

Amanda Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor in University College Dublin (UCD) School of Psychology and an active researcher in the youth mental health field. Amanda co-founded the UCD Youth Mental Health Lab in 2013 comprising faculty and graduate students to promote research in youth mental health. Amanda’s main research area focuses on early intervention for youth mental health, including risk and protective factors of young people’s mental health and investigating the role of digital technologies in mental health.  Amanda was postdoctoral researcher for My World Survey 1 (2012) and co-investigator for My World Survey 2(2019) , studying risk and protective factors of mental health among young people aged 12-25 years old.  The My World Survey is a collaboration between UCD and Jigsaw- The National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Current programmes of research are funded by the Irish Research Council and the National Children’s Research Centre.

Amanda is an Associate Editor for BMC Public Health (Mental Health). She is a Board Member for Ireland’s leading youth information website and She is past Executive Member of the International Association for Youth Mental Health. Twitter: @amandafitzy /@YMHlabUCD

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