Emma Berry

PhD, Lecturer in Health Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast (Co-I of Mood Movement)

Emma Berry is a Lecturer in Health Psychology in the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast. Emma teaches at undergraduate and post-graduate level on topics including stress and health, the psychological impact of chronic illness, and health behaviour change. Emma’s research interests include psychological adjustment in individuals living with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and stroke. Emma has experience in survey, interview, and focus group designs, to include delivery online via video-conferencing technologies and via art-based data collection techniques. Emma is Principle Investigator on a project funded by Emerging Minds which is focused on exploring the impact of social media on media health in young people (aged 13-20 years) living with Type 1 diabetes. The project harnesses participatory action research to explore this complex topic in a way that enables young people with Type 1 diabetes to actively engage with the research and inform future research steps (https://emergingminds.org.uk/social-media-use-among-young-people-with-type-1-diabetes-and-the-influence-on-mental-wellbeing-some-t1me/). Emma is an active member of the Behaviour Change Group for the Public Health Agency and a member of the Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes international study group, both of which endorse research exploring the complex factors underpinning ‘maladaptive’ health behaviour.

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